One of the best forms of prevention of diseases of reproductive organs vulva, vagina, uterus (with cervix), the right and left appendages (ovaries and tubes) is the summarized gynaecological examination (examination with gynaecological speculum, two handed gynaecological examination, breast examination).

All females aged 16 to 80 shall be subject to such examination. The girls and adolescents are subject to the tests carried by Gynaecological Children Clinics. Women at least once a year should attend a visit at gynaecologist even if they do not have any symptoms of diseases. In this case prevention is very important as it may significantly reduce the risk. The gynaecologist after interviewing and examining patient can arrange additional testing if required. Such additional tests may include ultrasound scanning of reproductive organs, breast ultrasound scans or mammography, cytology smear taken from the cervix, or other diagnostic tests.

Women regularly performing gynaecological examination at one or one and a half year intervals are calmer and they are not accompanied by fear and uncertainty in regards to the outcome of these tests. Unfortunately it happens very often that women do not visit gynaecologists for several years. Women at age of sixty or seventy years usually mistakenly feel that at this age they do not need to be examined by gynaecologist. The truth is that at this age there are serious risks of diseases of reproductive organs.

Preventive gynaecological tests carried once a year allow for early detection of diseases and fast recovery in case of treatment. Young women over the age of eighteen should undergo a gynaecological examination even if they did not tart their sexual life. Such test can help to exclude developmental defects and diseases of the reproductive organs.

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