Ultrasound scanning

Medical ultrasonography (also referred to as sonography or ultrasound scanning) is a diagnostic imaging procedure based on ultrasounds which is used to visualize internal organs (tissues, muscles, bones, etc.) structures and potential pathologies or injuries. Obstetric sonography is frequently used during pregnancy. This method is very popular and has multiple applications across therapeutic and diagnostic applications in medicine. It is not a new procedure and years of experience show that there is no damage made to the foetus or internal organs by these ultrasounds.

Ultrasounds are defined as all the acoustic energy which has the frequency above the human hearing. That is anything above 20,000 hertz or 20 kilohertz. Ultrasound scanning devices usually operate in the frequency range of 2 to 15 megahertz, which is hundreds of times greater than the 20,000 hertz limit. Different frequencies are used to produce various images. For deeper scanning but with lesser resolution lower frequencies are used. For higher quality and high resolution scans of lower depths higher frequencies are required.

Alfa-Lek Medical Centre in Warsaw offers a full range of ultrasound scanning services such as pregnancy scans and diagnostic scans. 3D and 4D scans are available. Alfa-Lek Medical Centre in Warsaw uses only new state of the art devices for your comfort and satisfaction. 4D scans allow you to see most of the little one’s features including its movements, facial expressions, yawns, smiles, thumb sucking, etc.

As always Alfa-Lek Medical Centre in Warsaw strives for best customer service possible. Do not hesitate to contact us straight away in case you have any All our facilities are equipped with state of the art equipment to help in virtually painless, fast and efficient treatment for your comfort.

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